Beach Rules

Beach Rules

Rules Pertaining to Beaches and the Water

*Reminder: The beaches are open by permit from Memorial Day to Labor Day*

Approved by Board of Directors- November 19, 2009 

  • N.I.A. Members and their guests only.
  • Guests MUST be accompanied by a member at all times. 
  • Members may be required to show their card to a Director and must bring their card with them. 
  • All beaches are closed at 9:00 PM. 
  • Parent or guardian supervision required for all children under 12 years of age, and those using inner tubes. 
  • Use large inner tubes beyond markers only. 
  • No animals allowed on beach areas. 
  • No littering. Carry in – Carry out. Do not leave trash, beach toys, beach equipment, etc.
  • No use of soap or shampoo. 
  • No sand or rock throwing. 
  • No foul or obscene language. 
  • No hard baseballs to be used. 
  • No boat launching except at prescribed areas and during prescribed times. 
  • NO GLASS CONTAINERS on beach areas. 
  • No jet skis allowed.  Strictly enforced. 
  • No wake within 100 feet of any swimming area. 
  • No boat key lending.  Loss of boat key will result.
  • NO SMOKING on any of our properties.

Violation of these rules may lead to loss of membership. For initial violations you will receive a verbal warning, second violation you will receive a written warning, and third violations result in loss of membership for the season.