2020 Discussion Forum on Voting Options

Please use the comments section below this post to share any comments, concerns, or support you may have concerning the proposed referendum on voting options. This is a place to share your thoughts on the vote with fellow NIA members who may be looking for viewpoints prior to voting.


For your reference: 

Referendum on Membership Voting Options

In an effort to increase awareness of current issues relevant to the NIA membership and to increase participation in the decision-making process, the NIA Board of Directors proposes a change to the NIA By-Laws that would allow for annual meeting voting options to include a mail-in ballot, email, and website-based responses.  In-person voting at the Annual Meeting will continue and members will still be advised in writing of any proposed changes to the By-Laws at least 10 days prior to the Annual Meeting.


Proposed wording change to the NIA By-Laws:

Members not physically attending the Annual Meeting may vote for proposed amendments to these By-Laws by sending physical mail to the NIA address, sending email to the official NIA email address, or responding through other electronic means made available to the membership by the Board of Directors.  Enough information must be included with the submission so the Board of Directors may verify the identity of the member.  Votes must arrive at the NIA by the date specified in the solicitation.  The Board of Directors will take every reasonable precaution to ensure responses are valid and the results are accurate.

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